Legislation is the basic of the system. (the Supreme Leader of Iran)

Parties, societies, political or Islamic and religious associations and trade unions enjoy freedom in case they do not contradict the basics of independence, freedom, national consolidation, Islamic beliefs and the foundations of the Islamic Republic of Iran. No one is obliged or prohibited to participate in any of the above mentioned associations.

Article 26 of the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran



The Iranian Taekwondo Association is the first lawful N.G.O of the sport of Iran, which as the Taekwondo guild union of the country is active in presentation of technical, administrative and executive facilities to the Taekwondo family inside and outside of Iran. The numerous records and activities of this diligent Association which have been conducted without any allocation of credit or governmental funds, sponsors and etc and during the last decade, is the real symbol of the participation of people in the arena of social activities of parallel to the policies of the holly system of the Islamic republic of Iran and also a contradiction against the consumption of enormous costs and numerous credits within the government structure and different federations which have resulted in nothing but continuoues losses for the Iranian sportsmen in fields such as the Olympic games.







We welcome you as a member, fan, sportsman or a fellow-citizen to the new formal website of the Iranian Taekwondo Association which is a result of the continuous efforts of various committees including the coaches, referees, matches, general, international relations and informatics. Meanwhile, we would be extremely pleased if you help us with your ideas, proposals and criticism in reaching our high goal which is nothing but the ever-increasing promotion and progress of Iran`s Taekwondo.