History Of  I.T.A


Writer: Engineer Hamid Reza Tavakol - the Vice-President of the Iranian Taekwondo Association

Along with the active participation of public and private sectors in sports and the emphasizes of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran based on giving the matters over to the people and reducing the incumbency of the government and with campaign and numerous endeavors of Seyyed Ali Haghshenas Kamyab, the Guild of the Iranian Taekwondo Association after passing legal processes formally proclaimed existence on its first general assembly which was held in the sport centre of Bahman Culture House on 2nd ,Oct ,2001. The commencement of the activities of the first civil athletic unit in Iran was bound with various difficulties which were the result of the public ignorance toward the lawful participation of civil units in the society. Furthermore several rough positions were adopted by the Physical Training Organization and the state administrator of the Taekwondo against the Association. To achieve this purpose the opposition vanguards and the enemies of the civil units in Iran sports spared no efforts in suppressing this public movement.

Numerous sabotages within the country's legal and executive systems, issuance of circular letters and various instructions by top authorities of the state structure in sport and the related federations, threatening and intimidation of Taekwondo players   on  not  participating  with this  Association,  which  was  contrary  to  the  article 26 of  the Islamic Republic of Iran constitution, use of influence and all-sided pressure to close the branches and representatives of the Association in large and small provinces, the continuous and one-sided presence of dissidents in national media and publication of false rumors and accusations against the authorities of the Association were only part of the enemies attacks to this endeavoring Association, whom had in common the inaccessible dream of eliminating the first civil athletic unit in Iran.

“I`m waiting impatiently for the realization of the promise of those who estimated the life of this association not more than two months” was a part of the remarks of the President of the Association in its 5th course of the Top Taekwondo championship in Iran-Tehran, March, 2007.

The all-sided efforts which by a general mobilization were organized in different levels against the Association, not only were not able to cause a withdrawal in aims and beliefs and a doubt in the firm will power of the athletes of the country, but also boosted their activities and rewarded the lawbreakers with deserving responses.

After a year and a half acting moderately and giving them repeated cautions concerning the judicial treatment of the enemies of the civil units by the Association and following the ratification of its central assembly, the Association of the Iranian Taekwondo formally extended its complaint to the Judicial Power.

On  March 19 ,2003  the  summons  of  the  person who was the main conductor and  organizer  of   the  attacks  against the  organization  of  Taekwondo  players, was  issued  by  the  judicial department of “Shahid Ghodousi” in Tehran. On April 8, 2003 he was charged with publication of false rumors and agitation of public opinion by the district attorney in charge of the case. Subsequently, by the presentation of some vain proofs he sued the President of the Association. But after holding several meetings, the judiciary refused the complaint and finally the court passed the judgment on Sep.2003 and with the order of branch 1040 of Shahid Qodusi judicial department, the President of the Taekwondo Federation was condemned.

At that time, the condemnation of a federation president, that was earlier unprecedented  in  the history of the sport, opened a new section in fighting against monopolism in Iran’s sport. On Des.2004 the Top Taekwondo (superior Taekwondo) Martial Art, the first freestyle of the Taekwondo in the world and also the honor of the Taekwondo society in Iran, which had started its formal activities in 2002, and was founded by Seyyed Ali Haghshenas and affiliated with the Taekwondo Association, was separated from the association and with obtaining official permits independently started up its work as the International Top Taekwondo Association.

With founding the Iran Martial Arts Professionals Union at beginning of 2005, close  cooperations  happened  between  these two organizations, which resulted in   the  increase  of   Taekwondo  Association  activities  with  the  aid  of  the Vice-Presidency of the Taekwondo Union.

At beginning of 2006 and after sending the selected teams of the Iran Taekwondo to the extra territorial competitions, the Secretary of the Taekwondo Federation of that time in a credulously action declared that the honors obtained through private section are not admittable. immediately the legal committee of the Iran Taekwondo Association set forth its complaint against him to the public prosecutor's office at the armed force.

But this action was ceased by the intermediation of the trustworthy people accepted by the Association and the regret of the erring person.

In 2006 the state responsible of the Taekwondo of the country in an unexpected action and interview with one of the athletic publications, formally declared his readiness for cooperating with Taekwondo civil units. He added that the Federation was ready to give a part of its activities including matches holding, referee and coach training courses and … to non-governmental organizations. Subsequently the secretary of the Taekwondo Association, while welcoming this proposal, declared the readiness of the Association for giving parts of its activities to the Taekwodo Federation, and assigned it as a new window for the cooperation between two organizations. The President of the Taekwondo Association also confirmed the statements of the secretary.

During years 1999 to 2009 uncounted activities in the workbook of this Association, without assigning any budget and facilities and in spite of several sabotages, were recorded. These activities are including founding the first freestyle Taekwondo in the world , founding the first and the second Taekwondo schools of the country in Tehran and Mazandaran provinces, holding more than fifty courses of championship in the country and province levels in four age categories of minors, children, teenagers and the young-adults with unique quality and quantity, affiliating the Korean Martial Arts for the first time in the country (Hapkido, Hurangue Du, Kuk Sul Van, …), bringing honor for our country in international scenes and authentic extraterritorial tournaments (Germany, France, Russia, Turkey, Belarus, Belgium, Netherlands, and Spain) and also attracting more than 5000 fans and training more than 700 official Taekwondo coaches and referees in the country. While making a pattern and presenting an integrated structure with modern managing methods, is the most significant present of the Association for Civil and Public sectors of the sport that is also a lasting memorial for future generations.

The Iranian Taekwondo Association as the first public unit in the Iran sport is an official member of the Iran Sport N.G.O's Society.