Writer: Mohammad Abdolipour G.Secretary of the Iranian Taekwondo Association

Seyyed Ali Haghshenas, the Founder and President of the Iranian Taekwondo Association, the first civil structure in athletics of Iran, started the martial arts, with Karate (kiukushin) in 1980 in Esteghlal Jonoub club of Tehran and succeeded in gaining the black belt in this field.

In 1984 he went to Tehran Javan club to learn Taekwondo from Master Mahmoud Mashhadi Rajab. During 24 years he has obtained numerous civil and international championship titles in this field.

Master Seyyed Ali Haghshenas started his extensive efforts and campaigns for the active participation of public and civil structure in Iran's sport by the end of 1998.

In 1999 he sent the first team out of the governmental structure to international tournament in Netherlands.

In 2000  the Iranian Taekwondo Association  was able  to  receive  legal  permit  from the  related  sources, and  during  an  election which was accompanied by the enthusiastic participation of Taekwondo  players,  the  first  athletic  civil  structure  in Iran  formally   commenced   working on 2001  and  with the decisive vote of Taekwondo  players, Seyyed Ali Haghshenas  was  elected  as  the  President  of  the first non-governmental and lawful athletic organization in Iran.

His outstanding feature in Martial Arts is his firm and continuing participation in championship, coaching and executive management. His honors include championship of Iran, Europe and the world in Kickboxing, Taekwondo and Full contact fields.

In 2002 Seyyed Ali Haghshenas formally founded the martial art of Top Taekwondo as the first free style in the world's Taekwondo, which is quite a unique and perfect martial style. His numerous and singular activities influenced extraordinary and started a modern movement within the technical and organizational levels of the athletics of the country and by opening doors to active participation of civil structures in all athletic fields, especially the martial arts, caused their growth considerably.

On March of 2008 Seyyed Ali Haghshenas candidated for the 8th election of the Islamic Consultative Assembly from the Tehran constituency and as an independent candidate gained a high number of votes.

He is an M.A. graduate in political  sciences  and  international  relations  and  for  the moment holds the positions of the President of the Iran Martial Arts Professionals Union and the Iran Sport N.G.Os Society;  From his Works Lebanon social and political structure , and Iran Historical Sovereignty over the Tunbs and BuMusa Islands are worthy of note.


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